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The number of people teleworking across the US will be much higher than it was before the pandemic. Less than 4% of employees were teleworking in 2017. In the post-pandemic, estimates are that it will grow to over 25%* with people working half-time or more out of the office.

Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking:
Strategies for Success and Building Value at Work

Who is the book for?

Any individual, or organization that is affected by telework, or who may telework in the future or is thinking about teleworking. If you telework or telecommute regularly, you know that out of office can also mean out of mind. Growing in your job, being valued at work, or even advancing your career can challenge anyone who teleworks.

As teleworkers, we are out of sight. Without deliberate effort, we can likewise be out of mind. The advantages of teleworking can become a liability if we do not integrate ourselves into daily workflows

How do you build value to an employer when you work outside the office? How can you communicate effectively and collaborate when you never meet anyone face-to-face? How can you stand out when others have the advantage of being seen daily by managers, leaders, and coworkers?

Remote Working


We discuss preparing our workspaces, technology, and mindset. We consider how companies enable telework and examine our relationships with coworkers and managers, focusing on overcoming barriers presented by technology. We focus on six attributes that build our value in the workplace: Effective communication, organizational perspective, working with others, influence, leadership and networking. In short. this book delivers on the promise of staying out of the office, but not out of mind.

When we are teleworking, every single medium we use—the tools of telework, so to speak—presents us with a set of barriers to success. Because telework involves working at a distance by using technology, we simply cannot have the same communication experience as an in-person interaction.

Leaders, get more with books customized for your organization.

We can customize this title to meet your needs, from co-branding to integrating or highlighting content specific to your organization. Contact us for details on how to create a resource that will not only help your team acclimate to working in a teleworking environment, but will equip them to thrive and perform at their best.

As teleworkers, we can slink into the virtual workspace without being seen and get straight to work. We can even be far more productive than our commuting colleagues by avoiding the interaction that happens in workplaces but doing so puts us out of sight and out of mind.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Spiglanin has been helping people be more effective in the workplace and in business for more than thirty years. As a teleworker himself, he understands how effective communication, collaboration, and other inter-personal skills underpin success in an environment where coworkers, managers, and leaders never see workers who are not physically present in the workplace.

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